Here you find some interesting download products of René Knipschild. These are small desktop tools, who may simplify your all day work or be a programming example to learn the Java programming language, for example.

More options for you to get specific software from us on your device:
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rkNumberConverter The rkNumberConverter is a handy tool, especially for computer scientists to convert numbers of systems BIN, OCT, DEC and HEX any love. (translated by machines)

rkObjectHasher With the rkObjectHasher it is possible to create MD5 and SHA1 checksums of files and character strings. In addition, the tool has the function to compare the checksum calculated with a reference value. (translated by machines)

rkSiCoTa This program is explained in a simple way, such as sine, cosine and tangent functions work. Very useful for some students who just have to deal with this matter is. (translated by machines)


Edersee Tourenguide powered by Copernicus / LEOGAL
Edersee Tourenguide powered by Copernicus / LEOGAL Leogal is the innovative, fully automatic multimedia guide system - a real world brower you can use in every leogal and copernicus enabled museum, city, mall, trekking or biking route and much more. Its support indoor and outdoor automatic triggered stops thanks to our multisense algorithm.

BEWA Mitarbeiter App
BEWA Mitarbeiter App With the app, employees of BEWA Security GmbH can view and manage their roster. Access must be set up by the administration.


rkWFS The rkWFS is a small file manager for the browser, developed with JavaScript and PHP. There is a privacy-compliant alternative to Dropbox and allows the sharing of project files in teams. It can create directories and multiple files to upload at once; Instances can be named and the languages German and English are available. (translated by machines)

10 Jahre rkCSD


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